...The taste of tradition...

Who we are

Home cooking

Our Mission Statement: to bring the flavour and tradition of “good Italian cuisine” to Italy and the world.
We’re a group of cooking enthusiasts and good food lovers, with many years’ experience in the catering sector. In all of our GRANAIO outlets, you the customer are invited to enjoy a new experience, in an atmosphere reminiscent of country life, in the perfect dynamic marriage of a restaurant/cafeteria with a sales outlet, inviting you to enjoy all of the gastronomic delights that we have to offer, either on or off the premises. Our “home cooking” based on typical Italian dishes conquers hearts with its great variety and its quality raw materials which reinforce the uniqueness of our flavours, at dinner, during your lunch break or at any other time of day, a great opportunity to enjoy good wholesome food and traditional Italian flavour. Through our dishes, discover the original flavours and fragrances, the pride of Italian cuisine, prepared simply, and based on home-grown foods.

Our values


Our workshop is one of top artistic craftsmanship, where the concept of “hand-made” is of primary importance. All of our dishes and creations are made, just like everything we do, with great passion, love and care, while our raw materials – from our olive oil (made from olives harvested and pressed on the same day to ensure freshness with a confident but not aggressive flavour) to our pasta (made with organic flours derived from non-GM grains) – are carefully selected at origin; everything is thoroughly checked, from raw materials to finished product, from origin to the ethical principles with which our products are made.
We use a high-tech IT system at our manufacturing facility for all of our raw materials, which enables us to carefully monitor the whole supply chain. Here at GRANAIO, we not only aim to provide you with healthy and well-presented food, but we make sure that every dish is a pleasure for your palate, involving you in sensory and organoleptic delights for a truly unique experience.
For us, excellence means bringing the same level of attention to our selection and to our manufacturing tasks.
Our team is made up of over a hundred people, linked by a collective vision and a passion for our craft, both behind the scenes in our production laboratories, and in direct contact with the customer. Our employees are our most valuable resource: with their in-depth knowledge of our raw materials and processing techniques, with their experience and professionalism, they’re ready to guide and advise you in all your decisions and answer any questions you might have.

Our products

Italians do it better

GRANAIO means high-quality products for everyone: easy to find and at affordable prices, but that is far from all.
GRANAIO bears witness to the outstanding production methods, history, people and enterprises which contributed to making our products, the very best that the Italian food tradition can provide.
We have chosen a group of small companies working in various food & drink sectors, making a wide range of products for true lovers of the flavours and simplicity of the Italian culinary tradition.
As you wander through the stores, immerse yourselves in a world where the product is much more than just a decoration, but rather the true star of the show – enjoy it at the table, or else take it away with you to relive the GRANAIO gastronomic experience within your own home.

Work with us

Quality is a value that distinguishes our choice of partners, which allows us to effectively handle any professional challenge. A special working environment where every single day presents new challenges, enabling us to gain an insight into what the future will look like. A learning experience that provides a way to become part of a real family. Each area carries out its own activities but always as part of a close-knit team, focusing not only on their own objectives, but also contributing to our collective success. Each department needs to work with the others to create a harmonious working environment and ensure the growth and quality of our products and services.

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